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ORCA's Vision:

All Albertans value and respect our outdoor places, recognize the social, health and economic benefits of outdoor recreation, and support outdoor recreation interests accordingly.

ORCA's Mission:

To advance the public interest regarding outdoor recreation by coordinating and amplifying the voices of the outdoor recreation community.

ORCA's Core Values:

        1. Sustainability: We seek solution to social, environmental and economic sustainability concerns in full recognition that the sustainability of all three domains is interdependent.
        2. Respectful Behaviour: Through respectful and equitable engagement we seek to understand and fulfil the expectations and needs of the outdoor recreation community.
        3. Natural Reciprocity: From urban to wilderness, we support an outdoor recreation culture of reciprocity with the natural world that fosters a relationship of connection, recognition of our collective responsibility to our shared natural heritage, and inspiration to take care of it.

You can see our 2023-2025 strategic plan here

Supporting Organisations

We are coalition of recreation groups and individuals advocating for the outdoor recreation community

Help us advance the public interest regarding outdoor recreation as we coordinate and amplify the voices of outdoor community

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